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Meet Your Trainer

Kassia, a Wisconsin native and Army veteran, has over a decade of training and animal care experience. Her extensive knowledge and passion for dogs has led to her changing career path from working in the dental field to professional canine training. Kassia began her training journey by taking in stray dogs with behavioral issues and helping them to overcome those fears. She believes in relationship based, modern training methods. Every dog is different so her approach to every dog is tailored to their specific needs.


She owns five dogs; Navi (Belgian Malinois), Bina (Belgian Malinois), micah (American bully), Sylvie (Chihuahua), and Rue (dachshund.)

In her free time she can often be seen hiking with her dogs and her two children, competing in dog protection sports, and expanding her knowledge on canine nutrition and behaviors.

Continued Education;

  • Jay Jack, Play Is The Way

  • Training Between the Ears, LV1

  • Victoria Warfel, Service Dog Course

  • Dog CPR and First Aid by Melanie Monteiro


  • IACP

  • Blue Ridge Working Dog Club

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